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10 Responses to “ZOMBIE PIZZA PRANK”

  1. StrikeBulletTV says:

    1 question why did you put your stall in-front of some naked mannequins?

  2. Hanna Zhulia says:


  3. Sydney Trigilio says:

    creepy jenna

  4. MeganLovesOneDirection says:

    I liked it when the guy said Jesse lol 

  5. Im so sad for the homeless and poor People who thought “finnaly some Food”

  6. thechurroperson1 says:

    if i saw dat i wud say ahhhhh god freakin people high on bath salt

  7. Gummibearz19 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA 2:29 AAH it’s a person!

  8. Angela Kostka says:


  9. I wish they’d had a guy like from the famous old video where the jump jumps
    out of the bin and scares the black guy and he just instantly punches him
    in the face!

  10. Jordan Hartop says:

    that was soo lousey on that homeless man with a plate finally getting to
    eat and they didnt even say anything 🙁 🙁 :(

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