The kid is getting his cast signed by passersby and when his phone rings, he walks away to tak…

10 Responses to “Zombie Hand in Cast”

  1. fanti342 says:

    good point

  2. FCKNATO says:


    South Park’s Female Bus driver

  3. sharadkathiriya143 says:


  4. NIJIN CJ says:


  5. Ivan Salazar says:

    Muy bueno! Gracias

  6. smile4kennny says:

    its like JFL and JKP employed people who reply comments

  7. that was a clever one..

  8. theman nameth says:

    This was a nice one.

  9. Brandur92 says:

    I wish the videos were longer, it’s just that funny!

  10. Justice Hambira says:

    hahaha niceone

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