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This whole situation has been stressing me out immensely, I wanted to give you guys another quick update and answer some of the feedback I’ve gotten.

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5 Responses to “YouTube.. are you KIDDING ME?! (drama update)”

  1. Deranged Pranks says:

    Maybe if you treat the YouTube CEO to a dinner of suckadick chicken and negro noodle they’ll help you out.

  2. Jorge Gomez says:

    Hope it gets better for you man.

  3. allsparkwars2 says:

    You need to ask Rakesh and while uploading it say nananananananana naanman!

  4. I have a theory

    YouTube is secretly is running out of money and is demonetizing YouTube videos so they can take other YouTubers money 🤔

  5. James Sorason says:

    Did ya try CTRL + Z? No? Then try it!

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