As strangers are asked to take care of a busy mom’s son, a security guard stops by to ask random questions. This leaves just enough time for the “son” to jump into a car, and take off with another family…


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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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5 Responses to ““You Lost My Son!?” TWIN PRANK”

  1. Oikawa Torou says:

    what is the title in the 2nd Song!?

  2. Jaime Almazan says:

    A four-handed woman would make an awesome wife.

  3. skankhunt42 says:

    Impossible. Post-op tranny Marie (Micheal) (man hands adams apple, shapeless guy butt, dude face) has no winkie nor womb.

  4. Zeren Smith says:

    Men do not

  5. Zeren Smith says:

    Funny pranks the 4 arms easily fake but no one knew I mean she ain’t that alien from MKX come on people…… but women could be aliens because they do grow a humans in there reproductive area

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