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5 Responses to “Why We Broke Up.”

  1. weewee203ohSpecz says:

    NIGGA WEIRD. By year 5 if I was not Muslim I’d MARRY her and THEN BY year 6 or 7 there goes the first kid. NIGGA, you would’ve been like 28 or 29 when you had your first kid if you were a normal human being but you’re a faggot.

  2. “Jeana made a video about it so I have to make a video about it!” That’s what this is coming across as.

  3. Dont line up your mustache, it looks better dirty fam.

  4. Xanthe Bautista says:

    I see that u still love her
    I still believe yyaaassss

  5. Redbullxo says:

    What kind of camera did Jesse use?

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