I called up a Wendy’s in the hood and complained about their tendency to be very stingy with sauces. The manager was not pleased and infuriated by the end of…

11 Responses to “Wendy’s Stingy Sauce Prank”

  1. wjdwndud0114 says:

    Cal her again as Tyrone and Asian

  2. alliy20 says:


  3. Nurbi Han says:

    ‘za like button. Hahhaha

  4. Zarina K. says:

    I laughed so hard my head started pounding

  5. mancast1996 says:

    0:36 shicken nugget. hahahaha!

  6. Nurbi Han says:


  7. jiggly puff says:

    aw she seemed nice though

  8. b0bsProductions says:

    You should call more people in the hood

  9. BabyGermanyBarbie100 says:

    Watch me shake MY BOOTY!!! click me! THANKS FOR SO MANY viewers! Pre-teen booty dancer!

  10. TheHaphazardArtist says:

    LOL I love Ownage’s ongoing Bertha joke XD

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