What if a bride-to-be you just met on the corner of the street assigned you on “wedding dress duty” for the rest of the afternoon? What if you completely failed to protect the prestigious white gown? What if the said dress was COMPLETELY RUINED?

Isn’t it the perfect scenario for a prank?

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5 Responses to “Wedding Dress Disaster PRANK”

  1. Não deu like Porque que me da!!! says:

    *Algum brasileiro????*

  2. goldefreddy eFmf says:

    que oRive

  3. Anger Stiles says:

    The video quality is damn low

  4. My tropical life says:

    *im watching this at 3am what am I doing with my life*

  5. Matthew M says:

    The old man would be great at freeze tag.

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