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10 Responses to “VASELINE HIGH FIVE”

  1. james phillips says:

    Please do this again its soooooo funny

  2. TheBricktop222 says:

    They should have coated everything around the area in vaseline so they wouldn’t have been able to wipe it off. 😉

  3. QuincyLeader says:

    You think that’s funny?, your some pretty fucked up guy..

  4. Carin Stehr says:

    1:40 he sniffs it

  5. Russell Fallon says:

    bill cosby

  6. Blastoisiken says:

    There’s being funny and being mean or potentially ruining someones day.

  7. Mito Askabar says:

    2:46 Look at dude on left

  8. xNatheeeGamer says:

    2:40 – the gay guy in the background… Hahahahhaha

  9. blackforest995 says:

    Hahaha great!

  10. Travis Jones says:


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