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  1. TheDoubleThy says:

    I just- i just met you on facebook!

  2. godlesslippillow says:

    When he started wailing at 2:15 I lost it.

  3. ThatOneWeirdGal says:

    I can’t wait for the day he actually does propose to her. She will think its a prank anyway.

  4. Richard B. says:

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  5. sanchio rances says:

    hahahahah nice one

  6. FantasticPickle says:

    propose to random girls in the street or somewhere !!! Will get the croud hyped up.

  7. rivers64 says:

    “awe damn”

  8. Connor Juarez says:

    1:28 haha. only a group of Asians would get that excited over a proposal.

  9. Did you also get a free virus?

  10. Anabel Carranza says:


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