Perhaps we take ourselves too seriously and should learn how to be laughed at and join in on t…

10 Responses to “Unsportsman-like Pranksters Laugh at Golfers”

  1. porcosdep says:

    not in canada…. if this was in spain, france , portugal brazil or USA the guy had been shot dead for sure…

  2. algabri75 says:

    fuck you

  3. Portubed says:

    Portugal doesn’t really have a tradition of carrying weapons or even that kind of violence in general so I’m not sure why you’d include those

  4. Tatiana Gomez says:

    pobrecitoss..quedaron traumatizados!

  5. allan sedurifa says:


  6. PRSCheVelle says:

    guy at 00:43  Deserved that laugh lol

  7. wazzobazzo says:

    Golfers don’t have a sense of humor it’s been proven time and time again

  8. Goku Son says:

    They are in Canada.

  9. Khazar01 says:

    “I was not filming you with this small camcorder, I was actually filming you with that camera over there”

  10. mizzSHADYgurl says:

    lol :P

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