My son Chris wanted to prank his girlfriend so my buddy Jeff acted like a crazy Uber Driver who was obsessed with Jack Vale. During the car ride from the airport, the Uber driver played his demo songs in the car (terrible renditions of iconic Johnny Cash tunes), then, things…escalated.

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10 Responses to “UBER DRIVER BREAKS INTO HOUSE!! – Psycho Stalks Family – Prank on Girlfriend”

  1. Jack Vale Films says:

    Heads up! YES THERE IS A GOPRO IN THE WINDOW! … He explained to her that it is there for his protection. It’s in the extended version. I was trying to make this as short as I could. Tell me what to upload next!

  2. softwhere07 says:

    The ultimate prank

  3. Mister Sweetness says:

    Pause at 7:22 you’re welcome

  4. TommyDDD says:

    @ 7:22 damn dude xD thicc

  5. nutsafloppin says:

    6:50 penis sculpture

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