A mascot needs to get his mascot head, and asks adults to go fetch it for him. When the adults…

8 Responses to “Two-headed Mascot Prank”

  1. GiekoGecko123 says:

    ur mom is off tropic

  2. MystiquePower2012 says:

    immature comment

  3. MystiquePower2012 says:

    nah just you trolls lol

  4. AquaticBoardwalkEngineer says:

    You are clueless to be sure.

  5. AquaticBoardwalkEngineer says:

    “0:15 i want to rape him” I guess the up side to your comment, demented as it is, when you get caught for raping little boys the feds will look at your YouTube and other web habits and make a solid case for life imprisonment. Enjoy your stay while there, I hear those like you will become the pray and it is not a pretty outcome. But hey, you get three meals and a cot. Only problem is you will be belly down on the cot most of the day with heavy panting from your new “friends” above you.

  6. Ismeldy Pichardo says:

    That’s super cra cra

  7. GiekoGecko123 says:

    ur mom

  8. Ivan Salazar says:

    jajajajajaja demasiado bueno!!!!

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