Wine samples are being given out to shoppers in a mall, but just as they finish their first si…

10 Responses to “Turning Wine Into Spit”

  1. McEdduarD says:

    N1, made my day 🙂

  2. châu trần says:


  3. AnythingLoud says:

    “Frozing” LEL

  4. erkebulan nurmahanov says:

    the just for it is forever

  5. Sammy Sabre says:

    Nasty. I would probably vomit

  6. mitch4942 says:

    geesh… these people are so ungrateful, its FREE wine. 😛

  7. asya1263 says:

    This is sick…

    yet funny nonetheless. 🙂

  8. Esme Pineda says:

    55 hes cute ass hell

  9. VineGags says:

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  10. terratec1001 says:

    I thought it was me or the flash player. It’s happening on random videos.

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