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Touching Strangers Hands On The Escalator ft. Ruben Sole! Check out more clips in this video! ➙
Ruben Sole ➙
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6 Responses to “Touching Strangers Hands On The Escalator Prank | Ruben Sole”

  1. Public Prank says:

    Subscribe for more pranks and go show Ruben some love by subscribing to his new channel in the description! He’s starting to do live streams on there!

  2. Siamak Sh says:

    HAHAHA Ruben is the best

  3. TREMENDOUS! says:

    Last bitch definitely has a rape whistle ready on stand by.

  4. Marissa Rejana says:

    The guy from this is us the guy with the beard on the same side as the guy at 0:26

  5. Very funny dude! 👍

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