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10 Responses to “Tongue Caught In Zipper – Just Kidding Prank”

  1. 31makoto says:

    Hahaha xD

  2. giobaros says:

    they allready done it 😛 but i dont remember the video cause it was in a compilation 😛 its in the channel if you search a bit xD

  3. Trinh Dang says:


  4. RikkyCZ says:

    lol, good one 😀 I would be definitely horrified

  5. hellowordoo says:

    tht was a good one

  6. Gamersvids23 says:

    What did they say?

  7. نواف الحربي says:


  8. wininspn says:

    1) People have tongues, and sometimes people wear clothing with zippers. 2) Asians are people. That should sum it up. 😉

  9. Dunkey Piht says:

    The title does not seem to suggest the true content of this video, as I was hoping to see a woman kneeling down – her face next to th

  10. mike hawk says:

    that would be public indecency, and as you may have notissed they never break the law.

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