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  1. AdvanceRun says:

    I think its going too far. But both of you are still great .

  2. Alexander Jayce says:

    Maybe after Jesse taped himself filling up the pitcher, he felt bad so he cleaned it out real nice and put normal water back in. (Placebo effect?)

    Lol. Jesse please tell us!!!!!!!

  3. Angelo19751000 says:

    Spitting on him? Wow, way uncalled for.

  4. Jacob38092 says:

    Did Jesse say, “I googled it, you can’t get sick.” LMAO

  5. Angel Medina says:

    she had it coming

  6. Tinny Thongkum says:

    Awesome She Sucks

  7. Carlos Uchiha says:

    I love how every new prank it gets more intense haha. I hope they don’t kill each other off in the end 🙂

  8. Patrick Bannikov says:

    Team Jesse!!!

  9. Oliver Erdmann says:

    No sex for A week

  10. Anonymous11243 says:


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