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10 Responses to “Tin Can Telephone Prank”

  1. Rana Moeez Hassan says:

    OMG can’t believe the dislike button works

  2. This isn’t funny nor nice

  3. Prank Files says:

    Would love to feature some of your pranks!! You guys have really good
    videos…Thumbs up if you love Just Kidding Pranks. Great pranks here!!!

  4. Khaleesi00 says:

    0:23 The look on her face lol Never spray water near a black girls weave

  5. Lorvy Lobo says:

    Canada, you are really the kindest country in the world.

  6. trainzofearth says:

    Sofi-anne is a star lately

  7. EAR WAX !

  8. wolf9walker . says:

    funny, but dont do that to Tom Cruise, he’ll just call you a jerk.

  9. Ciprian Panzariu says:

    black girl with pick gloss = clown

  10. Water in ear – not good.

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