A customer found a rock inside their food at this restaurant, but the owner didn’t seem to care whatsoever. He was a little more cooperative when I ended up calling in with the same problem 😉
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7 Responses to “The World’s Worst Asian Restaurant (crazy owner!)”

  1. bad ending i wish you told him it’s all prank and advice him never ever give any one CC info over phone

  2. Germanico Sorgi says:

    yeah i want this mf’s number talking shit about Americans when he runs a business here prob tax free

  3. Talha Naveed says:

    the tables have turned. buk lau is the real scammer

  4. Farid Nadem says:

    I honestly think the Restaurant owner’s a nice guy and tried the Best to resolve it.
    not very impressed by how u described him at the beginning of ur clip!
    just my opinion..
    btw I love ur pranks except this one😬

  5. LupinThe3rd says:

    Whats to pay half someone fessed up to the rock

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