This wall is like a reversed black hole… Nothing goes in, but if you are not careful enough, some things or someone might come out of it. And you’re definitely not getting a warning sign prior their arrival!

MORAL OF THE STORY? Always watch your back!

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7 Responses to “The WALL That Comes To Life…”

  1. Mehul Rathod says:

    still better than Roman reigns.

  2. adar heiser says:

    the first one who will give this like a comment I’ll do for him a video!

  3. That is ingenious actually, to include the board backing to make it feel like a solid wall. Nice! Good prank.

  4. rafael iglesias says:

    Brandon St Jacques Turpin
    Emilie Bierre

  5. Lalo Torres says:

    Stop the screaming sound.

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