That kid’s got some serious scientific game! She tries to show how to teleport an entire plate of spaghetti from one table to another. She’s almost there but we’re guessing there’s still something to fix in her formula…

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5 Responses to “The Spaghetti Experiment”

  1. PickledHamProduction says:

    This was filmed in montreal. If you get a chance go to Pub McCarold. Great
    place to wind down and relax. highly enjoyable. kinda expensive tho

  2. Carlos Romero says:

    jaja esa cocinera si tiene poderes jaja

  3. 0:56 – 0:58 For other projects, maybe use a few screw eyes/eye bolts to run
    up the 2×4 so that the string isn’t visible when she steps on the

  4. That’s what I call a real face shot!

  5. 1,345th!

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