We moved to Franklin, TN recently so I went downtown and farted on people… with my Pooter! LOL!

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10 Responses to “THE POOTER – Farting in Franklin Tennessee”

  1. Jack Vale Films says:

    Thanks for watching! Every Monday a new video is uploaded! Also, don’t forget to download my new Podcast “The Jackpod”. It’s everywhere! Available for Android, ios, and also JackPod.com. I’m saying a lot of secret stuff there! LOL

    • ran dall says:

      Great stuff , I hope your tv show is a huge success.πŸ‘

    • PantsB4Squares says:

      I farted during this video @ 1:33 you are such an inspiration!πŸ™

    • alak58 says:

      please bring back old man Harry (farting old man)

    • elrey931 says:

      You live so close now. I got a lot veteran friends including myself that support you jack. Clean family humor. The military community supports you. Would love you meet you !!!

    • SydsGaming says:

      Hey, Jack! I absolutely love your videos and Podcasts! I listen to them while at work. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Brayam Gomez says:


  3. Vols love farts πŸ™‚

  4. JasonGstp says:

    I thought that was Freddie Highmore at 1:11

  5. I don’t understand how anyone can’t laugh at a fart!!!! πŸ€£πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ€£

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