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10 Responses to “The Pooter Fan Contest”

  1. LennartSteak says:

    Jack 4 america 2016

  2. I dont have a pooter, but… :3

  3. MrSkater1127 says:

    Well, I know what I’m getting for Christmas :)

  4. VaporClouds says:

    Im gonna tell the wife i want a pooter for xmas

  5. LEVOpranks says:

    Filming tomorrow and thurs, fri, and Saturday. Going for a great reaction!

  6. Nada Sulaiman says:

    Saudis everywhere 3:23 

  7. Saint Sataniko says:

    Ugly Al Qaeda Crew at 3:22 thought about blowing him up.

  8. This never get old.

  9. Azez yosef says:

    where did he flim this video ? 

  10. send me a pooter then ill make a video

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