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10 Responses to “The Kidz Crew – Just Kidding Official Theme”

  1. Charissa Y. says:

    At 1:27, what is the two boy’s name?

  2. Andante Cheng says:

    Who is the girl in red at 0:10??


  4. yyevehan says:

    I can rap

  5. Shlomo Shwartz Shyster says:


  6. 01SilverBlack says:

    Love your voice lol

  7. yyevehan says:

    Love brandon so much

  8. yyevehan says:

    I am ten

  9. EricaYE6 says:

    My goodness. You REALLY hate Hip-Hop, don’t you? lol

  10. Srypher says:

    What’s the name of the girl who looks like she’d be a nice, easy fuck?

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