Painting is a very respected art form, but in this specific prank, paintings showcased at a local exhibition look… different, and even a little weird. It’s like if someone had put a spell on them; a dark kind of spell…
We’re having goosebumps just describing the video.

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5 Responses to “The HAUNTED Painting Prank!”

  1. I hate how they put laugh tracks in, it’s like there saying there own joke is funny.

  2. Ayman Khalil says:

    I love what it means to be like the other people who are not afraid to say what they are saying they are not good enough to be with whom you are and you are angry and you are not afraid

  3. Joseph M. says:


  4. Saltiee person says:

    also I kinda feel like it’s staged

  5. Saltiee person says:

    Leave the likes at 420 it’s good

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