Uncle John drove thru some fast food restaurants and asked if anyone wanted to go out on a date with his handsome nephew! OF COURSE THEY DO. BECAUSE IT’S ME!

5 Responses to “The Handsome Nephew – How bout a date? (Drive Thru Prank)”

  1. Flo Thüringer says:

    The Third one Reacted very Nice. 1:01 Sweet.😄

  2. Chris Peden says:

    was this supposed to be funny? #fail

  3. Pete's World Vlog says:


  4. Timothy Maxwell Maxwell says:

    Do you have any plans on selling your pooters say in a store like walmart or a krogers, or anything like that. The reason i ask is i only use cash. It would be nice because I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of those pooters for a long time.. Thanks jack for your videos.

  5. Adam Rodriguez says:

    I want a pooter so so so so bad im crying every day

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