This was fun! I went out in public with a realistic looking FAKE Cactus and almost pricked people! My wife’s video – CRAZY CACTUS TOSS GIRL!!

14 Responses to “THE CACTUS PRANK!!!!”

  1. Looks like comedy doesn’t run in the family.

  2. kartafla2 says:

    It’s established in the beginning of the prank that it’s a FAKE CACTUS. It’s also in the description – You EFFING RETARD.

  3. Justin Young says:


  4. Jacob Shoemaker says:

    ewwwww ur wifes laugh

  5. MEpianist says:

    people who aren’t from the southwest might not understand this prank fully…
    Cactuses are BITCHES!

  6. Jonathan Martinez says:

    You should have your wife throw it on your face or something like that

  7. Jonathan Martinez says:

    I must live in the ugliest place in the world I never see any girls that look that good out here

  8. themithprod says:

    There’s so many hot girls in California

  9. Tataso Blues says:

    0:59 that ass

  10. Aneury Rodriguez says:

    lol dont know if troll or just really close minded.

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