This whiz kid invented a super powerful magnetic glove. Those who try it are not used to its p…

10 Responses to “Super Powerful Magnetic Glove”

  1. Moh-TheLion90 says:

    your mom on bed !!

  2. ArattaTube says:

    Better but not so good.

  3. Beni Daman says:

    were people in your family jews?

  4. egueinein says:

    not so good

  5. 1ebutuoy2 says:

    You neglect the inverse square law.

  6. rJayisawesome says:


  7. Saq pranks says:

    The guy was like “oh sh!t” haha

  8. rJayisawesome says:

    I am not Jewish.

  9. Vivian Richards says:

    how cool was that \m/

  10. stinkyandre says:

    not bad huh…

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