A bunch of Montreal police officers gets people in a festive Irish spirit by getting people to do an Irish dance. What better way is there to celebrate St. P…

10 Responses to “St. Patrick’s Riverdance Prank”

  1. davidchow71 says:

    Where’s the prank? At least have one of them fall into a fake seizure or
    something. I like seeing those kinds of pranks come on ACCOMMODATE ME!!

  2. I’m here for St Patrick’s Day again xD

  3. Yusuf Mohammed says:

    Gorgeous Lady Funny Prank

  4. Just For Laughs Gags says:

    0:54 WHAT AN ENTRANCE! Makes us crack up every time. 

  5. Alan Shannon says:

    As an Irish person, I approve of this! 😉 Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona Dhaoibh
    Everyone! :)

  6. Claudine Loly says:

    Moi j’adore… kisss ♥

  7. MegaChijioke says:

    The blonde girls looks like one of them

  8. khaled6100 says:

    edbassmaster did some videos and he became known wherever he go . i wonder
    why they didn’t know him when they see him?

  9. HomestarRunner20X6 says:

    Denis is hot

  10. SentinelPrimek says:

    I wish police were really that friendly.

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