Jesse was crashed out from a night of drinking, so why not celebrate the St. Paddy’s Day holiday by waking him up with an epic green face!! Facebook: http://…

10 Responses to “ST. PADDY’S DAY FACE DYE PRANK”

  1. ThatOneWeirdGal says:


  2. comedyfan1095 says:

    well someone has a stick up their ass

  3. Ziad Ibrahim says:

    its called business you retarded whore.

  4. Solana Be says:

    This is one of the best ones hahah. Hilarious

  5. Richard B. says:

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  6. DMeistro3 says:

    anyone else wanna know what song that was at teh start? xD i certainly do

  7. zoe lane says:

    I couldnt stop smilig

  8. Daniel Caliliw says:

    What hotel was this at.

  9. Elie Hagege says:

    what there was marked on your tattoo

  10. Heather Bradford says:

    I about died when he smiled those green teeth lmao

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