This kid just graduated high school and got accepted into the college of his dreams, but his mom absolutely FREAKS OUT when I tell her his diploma might be getting revoked because he hacked into the school network.

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9 Responses to “Son Caught Hacking Gives Mom Heart Attack”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    omg omg omg I still can’t believe this prank ended up quite like this, but been excited to finally share it with you. Don’t forget to drop a Like if you dig it and share the link on social media! Shout out to all y’all subscribers with the bell notification on, you get to see these new videos the minute they’re released!

    • Pro Zar says:

      Ownage Pranks can you call 617-319-2389, they are people from India pretending to be from Microsoft, they try to trick you to get control of your computer and steal your info. They tried to steal my grandparents info. But I walked into there house while my grandfather was still on the phone so I told my pap to hang up and ignore there calls. Please call them and give them heck, they call my grandparents all the time. Please help

    • jimmyk127 says:

      can you call Ashley call as Chris tell her that Chris is from the bar rescue

    • Fayyaz Riyaz says:

      Savage! 😀

    • Chris Berry says:

      Dude can you prank my friend’s dad he’s a big ass hole and it would be pretty funny to see it happen to him

  2. El Chico del Apartamento 512 says:

    Don’t feel bad… she’s a bitch… and racist.

  3. Be Ultra says:

    She didnt believe rakesh was real or she didnt take minorities seriously in a position of authority.

  4. IzZy PlAyZ says:

    I want more animations cuz they are more funny

  5. Rules BeCruel says:

    Ownage Pranks Please Do ANIMATED PRANKS AGAIN…. Pleaseeeeee🔝☝

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