| Subscribe: There’s nothing better than getting some soft serve ice cream during a hot summer day. However…

10 Responses to “Soft Ice Cream Scam”

  1. Antonio Blasone says:

    But they didn’t insert the coin before getting the ice cream 😀 They really
    deserved this prank u.u

  2. Arjuna Smn says:

    Connection to server lost touch to retry :(

  3. Funny Videos says:

    hahahahah 0:52 

  4. PrankandSpank says:

    That was a really “handy” prank 

  5. Jose Vasquez says:

    That was the first time in my life and I have been the most important

  6. ashleysoulful says:

    haha funny :D

  7. winko prokisky says:

    Playback error
    Tab to retry

  8. Mansour Al-Enizi says:


  9. Tư Thành Lê says:

    best prank ever….hahah

  10. lol :]

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