These prank victims will never play in the Euro Cup, because as soon as they go to kick the ba…

10 Responses to “Soccer Kick Fail – Just For Laughs Gags”

  1. playdrums says:

    After they missed the ball Marie Pierre should pop out with a boner.

  2. bckstrtby200 says:


  3. momo malik says:


  4. Eugene Pogz says:

    Lols … The Title “Just For Laugh Gags” The Channel “Just Kidding Pranks”

  5. iceboy312 says:

    You are drunk Just Kidding Pranks , go home and upload at right channel 😀

  6. maria fernanda rocha selva says:

    the lady was like fuck off!!

  7. Krakenjmed says:

    Omg haha!:)

  8. Suraj kiran says:

    girls know how to suck the ball not kick the ball

  9. Spaz Hole says:

    Exactly 97000 subs

  10. tasteofsweetnes says:

    That last girl was hot

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