Ernie got his rap game going in a snap! Thanks to the folks at Lenovo for making this video happen. You can learn about the new Moto Z family of smartphones and a variety of Moto Mods at


Buy my album on iTunes –

1st beat made by Wankie Productions –

Beats 2-4 made by Richard Agadjanian-

Songs Recorded at Salt Mine Studio Oasis and Mastered by John Gray

Shirt by The Mountain Tee’s –

5 Responses to “Showing Strangers My Rap Album”

  1. Loudcloud BHO says:

    Lol now that’s a plug at the end

  2. s’up big daws. can you send me that cell phone and the sound enhancer.

  3. MixMusic says:

    beat at 1:14???

  4. more more more more more rapping 😀 omg mooooooooore

  5. love ur vids bigdaws

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