Wow, this really confuses people. I drove around telling people that I would see them tonight! They all acted like they didn’t know me.

10 Responses to “SEE YOU TONIGHT RETURNS!”

  1. FaydeBeats says:

    Soooo funny

  2. andrehpinto says:

    After he said that I knew that someone would also have noticed it! hahahhahah LMFAO

  3. 85mcastellon says:

    You need to pull up to people and say”okay, so I’m following you, right?”

  4. TheAlexxHD says:

    0:5 = 2 Chainz

  5. Tyler Richardson says:

    I was hoping that he would chat up people, become somewhat acquaintances with them, and then say “see you tonight” and leave.

  6. iquenchcola says:

    i live right across the street from this complex.

  7. BallUpcp3 says:

    If someone were to do this to me I’d just smile and say “ok”

  8. MyTwoCentsAreFree says:

    The lady in the thumbnail looks like Alex Borstein.

  9. nicofloatvids says:

    2:06 look at the pick-up’s STANCE. sick as shit!

  10. viewsonichomie says:


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