As Officer Denis pulls people over, a seagull poops in his helmet. Then Denis puts that dirty thing back on! How do you think we made the “poop” we dumped on…

10 Responses to “Seagull Poops on Cop Prank”

  1. AmazingISI says:

    By definition this is not a prank, but a clown sketch. 

  2. Nyan Super GamePlays says:

    0:41 remembers me lindsay stirling o.o

  3. THEmickTHEgun says:

    Click here, click here. WHERE DO YOU WANT ME TO CLICK!!!!!! MOTHER OF GOD

  4. Plenting Brut says:

    the seagull got diahrrea…

  5. Nick Kanakis says:

    i was the 75th view YAYYYYY

  6. Theresia Swiebel says:

    This is cool! So much seagull poops in one time hihi! 

  7. SuperBerserka says:

    Mayonnaise, semen, milk.

  8. Javed Ahmed says:

    i wish if i could have two clicks at once

  9. maximusdarkultima says:

    Reminds me of seagull laxative prank resulting in seagull poop apocalypse

  10. EagleLooker says:


    -Mobile user

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