To all yellow bird lovers out there, we swear TWEETY is very alive, and doing great !!!

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5 Responses to “Scary Caged BIRD Prank”

  1. Princess Chrishanei Badua says:

    Oobleck ​ prank
    How to make:
    Cornstarch and water
    Hit it, it will be hard
    Don’t do something but your hand is still on oobleck it will sink
    Put oobleck in plastic
    Its liqiudy right when it will hit on a persons hand or and object it will be hard

  2. nb tamang says:


  3. JKP, causing psychological damage to their victims since… 🙂

  4. Fruitarian says:

    does it scare you?

  5. Jeam Bacalo says:

    Those kids will be legends!😁

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