I called up these scammers who try and steal your identity and credit card info by offering a bogus ‘student loan forgiveness’ service. The guy I got on the phone was just starting off on the job, and it was so much fun messing with this rookie scammer. I ended up recording a bunch more material with this guy and the manager, so drop a Like on the video if you want to see part 2, and sign up for my email list to get bonus content and behind the scenes footage –

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8 Responses to “Ridiculous Student Loan Scam EXPOSED – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    NEW SCAMMER PRANK!!! 😀 a TON of you have been begging for more scammer calls to go up, and this guy is a uniquely hilarious case. The worst part about this is that they’re targeting people who ALREADY have a ton of debt, and just help pile on to that or make the situation much worse (by stealing their identity / credit card info). Send this video around to your buddies, especially if you know they’ve taken out a student loan. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TYPE OF BS, these guys thoroughly hated me after I called them like 10 more times after this, drop a Like on the video for part two 🙂

  2. Josh Osiris says:

    dude says uhh and uhm almost as much as Justin Trudeau

  3. MystyXsoul says:

    lol 3:35

  4. Elvis Hunter says:

    these people are just working for scammers, get the real people who are doing it, governments helps them to do this……

  5. Big Smoke says:

    Hey Guys here is a private prank ownage did to a local pizza place

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