This French woman reacts hilariously when I tell her that her husband was downloading a bunch of really strange ‘adult movies’ while she was on vacation. Check out last week’s NEW animated prank here:

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18 Responses to “Ridiculous Adult Movie Titles (+ Wife’s Reaction)”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    I’m still super sick but glad I was able to get a video up for you guys this week, drop a LIKE on this if you enjoyed hearing this woman’s reaction to the nonsense, and make sure you check out last week’s (demonetized 😭 ) NEW animated prank!

    • Jr Taylor says:

      It would seem as if it doesn’t matter if u censor or not anymore, so my solution would be not to censor anything and freestyle it. I’m sure it would be tons more entertaining that way anyway. Not to say that ur vids aren’t entertaining tho. U do a wonderful job and millions of people wish they could do what u do. I want to thank u for sharing this with us man =) I hope everything works out for u

    • This guy is hilarious mad like life is against him lol (970) 453-1330 bad customer service. I’m surprised he still has a business or if the owner knows this guy is bad for business lol

    • FaZe Onslaught says:

      @R RQ lol 1 subscriber doesnt mean shit. This is the real world not school. Grow up and accept that.

    • Prajwal Sonthalia says:

      Sir please suggest me fast what should I do as m really worried. I described my whole problem in brief in comment box. Please go through and suggest me something

    • UNCIRCUMCISED _ says:

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  2. Google knows I'm gay says:

    In the UK its Harry Potter and the philosopher’s boner

  3. Google knows I'm gay says:

    Turner in hooch

  4. Google knows I'm gay says:

    Men in Black men

  5. Billy Jo Labitad says:

    The Con during: Anal belle

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