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Creepy Angel From Hell Prank:
Security Guard Steps In Poo Gag:

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

5 Responses to “Rickshaw Rider Turns Brilliant Thief !”

  1. TheGame Mudhasar says:

    Disliked because yall could have used a white guy instead of a black guy &
    for God’s sake stop portraying Black people as thieves … SMH

  2. Ye, give ideas to people…

  3. Evening Buzz says:


  4. Master Yoda says:

    it’s too dangerous (for the black guy of course) .. he may get shot by

  5. Stikasasn says:

    I wanted to see the reaction of those 2 big guys when they were told it was
    a prank and how close it came to blows before they found out. lol

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