EDITED BY – Make.Art.Now – –
PRODUCED BY – Sam Macaroni – –
STARRING – Steve-O – –
STARRING – Chris Chann –
STARRING – Ricky Dean Logan
STARRING – Najla Salome
Digital VFX and music by Tim Montijo
Beats By –
Derek Olsen

Special thanks to Joe Walser
Thanks Swooze for the shoes
Misha & Mark My Guys!!!

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7 Responses to “REAL Halloween Hoverboard Costume”

  1. MAKE. ART. NOW. says:

    Dude, this was such a fun shoot, thanks for involving me. I just uploaded BTS on my channel.

    • American Paprikash says:

      I remember watching your wedding edit video a while ago, your skills are dope my man. Keep it up and keep working with others, this was great!

    • Great job !! lol atleast now I know jesse reads the comments kinda sad he doesn’t reply or heart any of them at least in this video

  2. master man says:

    Ok jesse i see you

  3. kimberly esparza says:

    Never fail to amaze me king

  4. KiddsockTV says:

    OMG Ricky Dean Logan was one of the original BTTF2 guys!! Hey McFly, you bojo, those boards don’t work on water!

  5. Richie Anker says:

    That was cool , great work

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