A senior center invited me to read modern day poetry to some elderly folks so I did. Had a great time with these people and it was fun getting their perspective on music from “their day” vs the music of today. Extended version is coming soon.

A message to all my subscribers: I have always believed in the “art” of the prank. I enjoy awkwardness and watching people squirm out of an uncomfortable situation. It’s funny. So I devoted my life to making people laugh by acting out innocent, harmless comedy in public situations. I have been very busy producing various projects but am returning to my YouTube roots to faithfully upload videos once again. Some will be the same ol’ classic ideas I’ve always done and many will be new concepts. I would LOVE to hear your opinions but please be kind. I want you all to know how much I appreciate your support and for being patient with me during times when I haven’t uploaded regularly. Nothing but love to all of you!

10 Responses to “Reading Rap Lyrics to the Elderly”

  1. Jack Vale Films says:

    Should this become a series?

  2. Weeping Willow says:

    Lol I like Greta with the gray sweater. She doesn’t say anything but that look on her face…

  3. Alfred Cornflake says:

    I like Greta because she just stares at you.

  4. Chris Hanson says:


  5. Michael's Explorations says:


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