What a silly prank! People coming into a parking lot are instructed to press the button to get…

10 Responses to “Raising the Bar on Silly”

  1. weeitarb66 says:

    that bar would not carry the weight of the usual pranksters…

  2. BenStillerFaggot64 says:

    I hate this.

  3. megan cyrus says:

    right whenever i get to go to canada i would love to be pranked by them :)

  4. Aixa Sanchez says:

    kk laa-.-

  5. FTheNeighbors says:

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  6. Ayo Elisabeth says:

    Miranda cosgrove . at 0:23

  7. JakesShowcase says:

    Pretty Hilarious.

  8. TheViralityNation says:

    im in quebec all my life and i never seen this lol

  9. JokerJp96 says:


  10. RenaissanceSeeker1 says:

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