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16 Responses to “Public Prank – Super Glued Bottle Prank”

  1. What if someone got it open? lol

  2. trentondc says:

    simple prank…but got some good reaction (that makes a popular prank)

  3. chris clarke says:

    Some pretty boy from a kissing video

  4. 7thArrowofGod says:

    Just to step this prank up a little more you should have bandages on your hands. so that people try even harder to open it for because your hands are injured.

  5. Julie Winters says:

    Omg Sam pepper is in this

  6. djMattyo420 says:

    7 billion people in the world. You managed to prank Sam pepper. WTF?

  7. Andrew Montes says:

    I can’t even open it without super glue

  8. MykeMilitar says:

    another youtuber prankster

  9. torresworries says:

    Oh sorry about that, but if you didn’t noticed I replied to your comment after you posted yours 4 days ago, and I know you are trying to start shit here, so yeah, also, why did you replied to my 4 day comment in the first place kiddo? And BTW I don’t want to start shit here, so yeah, you are still right, I leave fighting to little bitches like yourself, have a nice day.

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