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11 Responses to “Public Prank – Really Close Pictures”

  1. 1337videoviewer says:

    Where did you get your definition?

  2. cameron roach says:

    do u have a youtube channel then ur a youtuber me too

  3. VaselineUnleashed says:

    2:22 Love the French Accent!!

  4. BlobIslandGame says:

    Why is it making moaning sounds when you like a comment? My mom things im doing something else!

  5. charles648 says:

    I don’t think that’s French…

  6. taidgh0 says:

    Yeah it is, you can hear them speaking French.

  7. Sam Barta says:

    I wanna meet u come to Milwaukee Wisconsin

  8. jordantaylor79 says:

    thats not true.. a “youtuber” isnt someone that just has a random youtube account and comments on youtube videos. a “Youtuber” is someone that has a channel and creates good quality videos that people watch.

  9. KCBig PimpKC says:

    Black People are destroyed because of lack of knowledge.

  10. DzekoVelez says:

    Yeah I’m the ignorant one…says the guy who lives on his computer bashing white people and has no white friends. It’s past your bedtime boy, you better go to sleep.

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