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10 Responses to “Public Prank – Proposing Gone Wrong (Valentine’s Prank)”

  1. Haekal Anshori says:

    I didn’t´╗┐ stop smiling.. ­čÖé

  2. Vasily D says:

    why´╗┐ everybody get so offended

  3. Hunter Rodriguez says:

    What´╗┐ would make this more interesting would be if it was the woman proposing and the man running away.

  4. Vanky20000 says:

    Indeed I am´╗┐ !

  5. Beth Forbes says:

    1,2,3,4,5 5 FUCKIN SECONDS ARE´╗┐ UP

  6. Rore Mohammad says:

    If we (Muslims) don’t do that, that doesn’t mean we don’t feel sorry for other´╗┐ people ­čÖé

  7. Vasily D says:

    not really, because´╗┐ being gay is a choice

  8. Jimmy Carozza says:

    racist´╗┐ is no worse than homophobic, idiot´╗┐

  9. Jimmy Carozza says:

    I laughed so hard at 2:50´╗┐

  10. teze foss says:

    k this is´╗┐ commentception

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