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10 Responses to “Public Prank – Pot Dealers”

  1. Daniel Corona says:


  2. TheRebellion2014 says:

    2:51 Guy got butthurt.

  3. alerberry says:

    Honestly this guy has massive balls. I would never have the guts to go up to a cop and ask them if they want to buy a little pot. Holy hell that’s risky.

  4. iidexterity says:


  5. iidexterity says:

    ☺☺ hi

  6. nick hayes says:

    hahahah and it’s funny cause black people don’t know what oxymoron means! trololololol a double joke hahaha!

  7. jahsheem angus says:


  8. 13unner says:

    2:05 girls desperate to get some camera time…

  9. Homer Simpsom says:

    YOU WANT A little POT

  10. TSonnyD says:

    Damn some people can’t take a little joke LOL

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