How To Get A Valentine ft. TheseBoatBoys For more pranks and funny videos, go to ALEX’S CHANNEL: …

10 Responses to “Public Prank – How To Get A Valentine ft. TheseBoatBoys”

  1. my right hand did wonders this valentines day!

  2. Roman DiFranco says:

    Just because you can grow a beard doesn’t mean you should keep it. Shave it

  3. PublicPrank says:

    lol i am literally in this video for like 10 seconds and half the comments
    are just telling me to shave… thumbs this comment up if you think i

  4. m1skaaYT says:

    >How to get a valentine
    >show it after valentines day

  5. Prank Files says:

    Dude, I love you..BUT.. your beard….trim that shit!!

  6. TheseBoatBoys says:

    This was such a fun video to film and i hope the stupidity made at least a
    few of you guys laugh. Cant wait to do some more crazy stuff with you DJ.

  7. Kevin McMurphy says:

    I always win in races because im white.

  8. PublicPrank says:

    Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! Tons of new videos on the way, here’s a
    fun Valentine’s video to get it all started! I featured my friend Alex
    since he was out visiting from Australia, and had him try some interesting
    ways of impressing some girls!

  9. Azphix Xaxa says:

    this channel gas gone to shit. What happened to you bro? whats with these
    shitty pranks?

  10. theyzwoodz says:

    ADD 1 gay UK dude and with a accent and a Fake vid and guess what you get
    ?…….Wait for it ……..FAKE AND GAY. See how that works? 

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