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10 Responses to “Public Prank – Hangover Prank”

  1. Ray Hoodoo says:

    I dont know about you americans, but in Latvia we would instantly tell that
    you are lying. You dont sound, look or probably smell a shit like you would
    have hangover. Sounds just retarded. Good idea, but bad job.

  2. Jimmy Wilson says:

    I wonder which Indiana he we thinking of.

  3. Lex Willenbrecht says:

    I wish I lived in California. Canada can sick my dick. 

  4. Love your pranks man. I wish you’re able to upload as often as you used to.

  5. ZobsterZombie says:

    Pleease do a DeJaVu Pt.2
    But in this video the second person shouldn’t come after 5 min but 5 hours.

  6. Luis Guzman says:

    Good shit Man. U earned a sub bro 

  7. fightnight14 says:

    Did you walk from LA to NY? Because that’s how long you upload a prank

  8. sonicboom923 says:

    What’s the difference between Chelsea and Google chrome?

    Google chromes got history

  9. Stephen G says:

    “Don’t follow what you find in your pocket”
    -Guy on beach

  10. Zac Deck says:

    I’ll be real I would just walk away lmao

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