Reuploaded due to a privacy complaint. Want to see deleted scenes and more?! Click the link below!!!

11 Responses to “Public Prank – Drug Dealing (Ft. SEFD Pranks)”

  1. KickTGOD says:

    girl at 1:30 upset because it wasnt weed HAHA

  2. vrttlesn says:

    Damn the last guy was 1uping you lol

  3. Isabella Vicente says:

    The sound of disappointment in that woman’s voice when she saw it was a regular pot LOL

  4. And then you cook meth on the little pot

  5. DunbarTheGreat says:

    “I have a badge”.. means i have no authority..

  6. Corey Lewis says:

    Videoclipsandmoredotcom Folks Send us those pranks!

  7. theblkly24 says:

    Seriously. Lol not all of us black chicks have attitude. I do admitt that one chick was like a evil looking mean sumthing else

  8. DjHolmes22 says:

    the ending was so DOPE

  9. JesseEtzler0 says:

    That guy at the end was really high lol

  10. fuckyoutoads says:

    bitch at 0:20 has a stick up her ass

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