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10 Responses to “Public Prank – Drive Thru Pot Prank”

  1. Julio Cristobal says:

    thats a pan tho

  2. PublicPrank says:

    And to people complaining about me taking too long to upload, I’m about to
    have surgery in a few weeks. I’m back home in New Hampshire right now going
    through the process of scheduling it, but I can’t be as active right now
    until it happens. Once it’s over, things will be back to normal. 

  3. Relijun Steenx says:

    moley moley moley moley moley

  4. Rasheedah Johnson says:

    Pot? No…no.. Pot no es here.

  5. Jonathan Castro says:

    Boring stuff already. You Need new ideas. 

  6. Surgery for what?

  7. The problem is that most of those latino workers don’t know the terminology
    of pot is, they think it’s an actual pot and not weed. Which is why they
    weren’t surprised and shit, rather nodded and agreed, I know this because
    I’m puerto rican and this is how it is lol.

  8. Azez yosef says:

    the reactions were the reason for not having a good video 

  9. PublicPrank says:

    New pot prank, this time in the drive thru! Did this with my friend
    Dominic, make sure you check out the video we did on his channel and
    subscribe! Thanks guys!

    P.S: Club Songs Christmas Edition drops next week :)

  10. Prank Files says:

    This channel is one of the BEST ob Youtube!!! Thanks for all the hard
    work!! Would love to feature your pranks on my channel!!

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